The Substance Use and HIV Neuropsychology Laboratory (SUHN Lab) is located at Florida International University in sunny Miami, Florida: a beautiful, vibrant, and inspiring place to live, learn, and conduct research. Although a seemingly idyllic setting, many individuals and families in Miami-Dade County suffer from the devastating and costly consequences of substance use, risky sexual and drug use practices, and HIV. Indeed, Miami-Dade County has the highest per-capita number of new HIV cases in the nation and problems related to substance use abound. Unfortunately, these problems are not unique to Miami, but rather have an impact on individuals and families world-wide. Our recent work has focused primarily on the impact of marijuana use, which accounts for the highest percentage of primary substance use treatment admissions in Miami-Dade county and is experiencing increasing use among adolescents and adults nationwide.

The mission of the Substance Use and HIV Neuropsychology (SUHN) Laboratory is to apply theory, methods, and cutting-edge approaches in clinical and cognitive neuropsychology to shed light on the antecedents and consequences of substance use, HIV, and the risky behaviors often associated with both. Through our work, we further science on neurocognitive mechanisms among adolescents and adults that lead to, sustain, and exacerbate these problems. Our research findings directly inform public policy, prevention, and intervention efforts to help address these issues and improve the lives of adolescents and adults.